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Teaming Up for Your Success

Manufacturing Capabilities

Apex recognizes that your business is dynamic; the market changes, customer demands change and your needs change. This is why our manufacturing capabilities never remain static.

Quality Assurance

Can Apex’s competitors decrease lead times? Can they save you money in the short term? Maybe. But can they provide steadfast exceptional quality to protect the integrity of your brand in the long term? This is the Apex difference.

Research & Development

Our in-house R&D department is adept at developing new award-winning formulations as they are at re-engineering existing products to be more cost competitive while maintaining or even improving formula efficacy.

Product Commercialization

From concept to distribution, Apex can assist you with every step in the life of your new product. With extensive knowledge and skilled in-house professionals at our disposal, we can help you develop products that will capture consumers’ interest, and which incorporate current trends in the OTC, home and personal care industries.

Supply Chain Management

Does your business move like a well-oiled machine? With Apex’s strategic supply chain management, each aspect of procurement and planning is carefully considered and executed with an eye towards scheduling efficiency, meeting lead times, reducing inventory and saving money.

Strategic Partnerships

The services Apex can provide don’t end when the product is made. Our Strategic partnerships with various 3PL providers can streamline your distribution processes to save you time and money.


Apex continually develops new ways to help you capitalize on emerging trends and launch new products that will meet the demands of savvy shoppers. Apex has a wide range of personal and home care product expertise:

  • All
  • Baby Care
  • Bath and Body
  • Environmentally-Friendly Home Care
  • Hand Soaps, Washes, Sanitizers
  • Skin Care
  • Sunscreens

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Apex International

10000 Valley View Rd
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Email: sales@apexgcl.com
Phone: (952) 227-3000

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