Apex International | About us
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About us

Get to know our company

Apex International is a dynamic, high-quality manufacturer of personal and home care products with an extensive range of capabilities in OTC, cosmetic, and natural products. Apex is a leader in contract manufacturing because of its:

• Measurable advantage in quality
• Commitment to Lean Manufacturing and continuous improvement
• Financial Strength as a privately held, single-owner company
• Employees that are great at customer focus and problem-solving

We live by our company values.

• Customer Focus


• Continuous Improvement

• Results Orientation


• Stewardship

Apex began under its current, privately held ownership in 1999.  In 2001, Apex took occupancy of it’s current campus in Chaska, MN.  The owner of the company, Dave Goldberg, had once been on the other side of the business as a customer using outside contract manufacturers for all of his manufacturing needs.  When the opportunity arose to start Apex International, Dave committed to create an organization that serviced customers in a way that exceeded their expectations, helped them gain market share, created a collaborative approach to profit improvement and increased trust at every interaction. These are the principles that Apex operates by to this day.


To contribute to the success of our customers by helping them grow and save money.

Customer Focused

Apex values its customers by recognizing them as the lifeblood of our business. The focus is entirely on your needs and the goals and objectives of your business. Whether it is developing a new product featuring today's most sought-after ingredients or re-designing a label to reduce waste and improve production efficiency - whatever it is, be assured that Apex works to ensure that we are easy to work with at each step of the development and manufacturing process.


We never want to ``walk by`` an opportunity, but instead to be alert to opportunities and evaluate them based on how they are driven by our Core Purpose and fulfill our Vision. It is be seizing the right opportunities that we ``capitalize`` on chances to advance our vision. By taking full advantage of the right ones, we are good stewards, and we manage time, money and resources of the customers as if it were our own.

Results Culture

With two state-of-the-art facilities, Apex is well equipped to handle all of your contract manufacturing needs – from new launches to product or packaging improvements or providing value added services. All of our efforts and activities are meaningless unless we can deliver tangible results that either support customers by increasing market share or improving profit. Find out how Apex can be the results-oriented solution to your business needs.

Continuous Improvement

Apex recognizes that the only thing that stays the same in the business world is change. No industry remains static, and as your contract manufacturer, Apex ensures that your products and designs reflect current trends and customer needs. We never stop; we are continually seeking to improve and make our process more efficient.


Become the most respected, most admired, most sought after consumer packaged goods contract manufacturer in the world.  Be the world’s best at providing customer solutions with a passionate commitment to continuous improvement.

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